Saturday, July 7, 2012

A clever little mix

I know the picture stinks, but you'll survive.

It's called a Black and Sam: Guinness floated over Samuel Adams Boston Lager, and it's pretty wonderful. The Stout is silky and is chased nicely by the caramel sweetness of the Sam Adams.

I'd tell you which restaurant served this concoction, but I think their food and atmosphere is rather lacking. Try to make this at home with a B&T turtle, you may have a new favorite mix.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Wide selection

If you're in central MD and haven't stopped in to Total Wine (née Corridor Wine & Spirits) lately, you should. I popped in last night and was stunned by the widening of their imported and craft beer selections. They even have a printed guide to styles and regions.

There are two drawbacks, though: Their prices are a touch high on some things but on par with the region, and the lions share of the beer is out under fluorescent lamps. Buyer beware.

It's nice to see their focus on an expanded beer selection, now to emphasize taking care of that product.

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